I am currently an Australian Council Future Fellow so I only have minimal teaching duties.

Until 2015 I was the Director for the University of Sydney’s Software Engineering program and Director for Teaching and Learning at the School of Electrical and Information Engineering.

As an Engineer Educator I have strived to make a difference in the lives of my students and, the people who will use the systems they build. As a result, Engineering education has found its way into my research contributions and my leadership roles, recognized through a number of international collaborations and awards.


My ultimate goal is to develop well-rounded engineers. An engineer that truly commands the field, and can be a leader in the discipline is not just a programmer. Their technical skills must be impeccable, but beyond that, and what differentiates an engineer graduate of the University of Sydney, is the completeness of their education. This completeness is demonstrated by an active innovative mind, persuasive communication and writing skills, a command of the bigger picture that includes business acumen, ethical and environmental awareness, as well as managerial and people skills, and a commitment to flexibility and lifelong learning in a relentlessly changing field. I have received 5 teaching awards including: Office of Learning and Teaching (2012), the Vice Chancellor’s Award for Outstanding Teaching (2010) and the Citation from the Australasian Association for Engineering Education (2008)  that recognized the approach and effort to develop students’ graduate attributes.