Doing a research project in the lab

Please send to

– Your resume
– A copy of your transcript
– A short proposal of your project idea. I would expect 2-3 pages written in proper academic English, with bibliographical references. It should allow me to assess your competency in writing, the merit of your project proposal and its relevance to the work we do. A good way to start is by browsing at some of our publications.
I also keep a list of projects in the Supervisor Connect website

If you are an international student you will need to find your own funding: living expenses AND tuition fees. Please visit the Graduate School of Engineering for costing and information about scholarships.

Once I have replied, if your interests much ours and your qualifications are appropriate, I will ask you to write a more complete proposal and eventually we will have a phone conversation.

PhD programs in Australia are 3-4 year long. Masters are 1-2 years.
You will enjoy them all!

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