1. Kiran Ijaz. PhD 2021. VR-RIDES: Immersive virtual reality for health and wellbeing.
  2. Kaihang Wu Multimodal Approaches for Detecting Mimicry in medical video consultations (MPhil 2019) 
  3. Ian Chunfeng Liu – EQClinic: a platform for learning communication skill in clinical consultations (PhD 2018)
  4. Leandro Bugnon – Reconocimiento de Estados Afectivos a partir de Señales Biomédicas (PhD 2018, In collaboration with Universidad del Litoral in Argentina, co-supervised with Diego Milone)
  5. Rabiul Hassan “Social Network Analysis For Modeling Organizational Networks In Health Services Coordination” (PhD, 2013-2017, co-supervised with James Gillepsie)
  6. Bruce Poon “Recognition of human faces in distorted images based on principal component analysis and gabor wavelets” (main supervisor Hong Yan)
  7. Eugene Doma “Model based software engineering using situation theory” (Main supervisor David Levy)
  8. Narguess Nourbakhsh “Multimodal Physiological Cognitive Load Measurement” (PhD 2012-2016) (with Fang Chen @ NICTA)
  9. Danan Thilakanathan “Secure Data Sharing and Collaboration in the Cloud” (PhD 2012-2016). (With Shiping Chen @ CSIRO)
  10. Hamed Monkaresi. “Recognising complex mental states from naturalistic human-computer interactions” (PhD 2011 – 2014)
  11. Sazzad M. HussainAutomatic Detection of Affect and Cognitive Load from Multimodal Information (PhD 2008-2013). Now Senior Research Fellow – University of Sydney
  12. Ming Liu. Automatic Question Generation for Academic Writing Support (PhD 2007-2012). Now Assistant Professor at Southwest University, Chongqing China
  13. Omar Alzoubi – Automatic Affect Detection from Physiological Signals (PhD 2007-2012). Now research fellow at Carnegie Mellon Qatar.
  14. Jorge Villalon – Automated generation of Concept Maps to support writing (PhD 2007-2012). Now a Associate Professors in Universidad Adolfo Ibañez – Chile
  15. Sunghwan (Mac) Kim – “Recognising Emotions and Sentiments in Text” (MPhil, 2008-2011). Now PhD student at Macquarie University
  16. Stephen O’Rourke – (MPhil, 2008-2009). “Automatic Semantic Analysis for Academic Writing Support”. Now software developer at the University of Sydney. Software Engineer at Tyro Payments
  17. Di Dong – “Finding Interesting Regularity for Sport Performance Improvement with Component Extraction Association Rules mining” (MPHil, 2007-2009). Now academic in China
  18. Nicholas L. Carrol – “Engineering e-portfolios: developing and utilising e-portfolios in Engineering Education” (PhD, 2003-2008). Now Entrepeneur and Product Manager at Covata.
  19. Sergio Freschi – “A Multidisciplinary Approach To The Reuse of Open Learning Resources” (MER, 2006-2008)
  20. Jingyu (Daniel) Zhang – “A Mobile Surveillance Framework (MSF) for Animal Epidemiology” (MER, 2005-2007). Now researcher at CSIRO.
  21. Danyu (Sabrina) Zhang – “Supporting Quality Teaching with Design repository Analysis” (MER, 2005-2007)
  22. Aiman Turani. “A Pedagogical Application Framework for Synchronous Collaboration”(PhD, 2004-2007). Now Head of School at Applied Science University, Amman Jordan
  23. Ernie Ghiglione. “LORS: A standards and specifications compliant Learning Object Repository” (MER, 2003-2004). Now Project Manager at Macquarie University
  24. Xiaobo Li. “Hierarchical Doument Classification Using Naive Bayes” (MER, 2003-2004)
  25. Ken Williams. “A Framework for Text Categorization” (MER, 2002-2003).