Oxford Handbook of Affective Computing

Rafael. A. Calvo, Sidney K. D’Mello, Jonathan Gratch, Arvid Kappas

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R.A. Calvo, S.K. D’Mello, J. Gratch and A. Kappas (Eds). (2015) Oxford Handbook of Affective Computing. Oxford University Press. Amazon Barnes and Noble

The Oxford Handbook of Affective Computing is the primary reference providing a OHACcomprehensive overview of Affective Computing (AC) research. This edited volume will help both new and experienced researchers identify trends, concepts, methodologies, and applications in this exciting research field. The Handbook aims to be a coherent compendium, broadly divided into five sections, with chapters being authored by the world leaders in each area.

In addition to being the definitive reference for AC, the handbook will also be suitable for use as a textbook for a graduate course in AC. In this fashion, the proposed handbook will be an invaluable resource for AC researchers by supporting them for many years.

Table of Contents: [PDF]