Videogames and Wellbeing – Lecture & Report

Daniel Johnson, Director of the Games Research and Interaction Lab will discuss when and how videogames have a positive influence on wellbeing. Specifically; the predictors of hours spent playing videogames; the genres, modes of play and experiences during play that influence wellbeing; the predictors of obsessive and harmonious passion for play; the influence of videogame on mood; and the differences in brain activity associated with playing with humans versus AI controlled teammates. 
19 November | University of Sydney – View event details.

Download Videogames and Wellbeing: A comprehensive Review a omprehensive review of more than 200 research papers undertaken by the Young and Well CRC’s Gaming Research Group and led by Daniel Johnson.

Flourishing: from Science to Policy – Lecture

Director of the Cambridge University Well-being Institute  and adviser to the UK Government, Felicia Huppert will present the Sydney Ideas Lecture “Flourishing from Science to Policy” this month.

This presentation will explore the issue of how well-being should be defined and measured, and its principle determinants at the individual and population level. Evidence from behavioral science and neuroscience will be presented, which supports the use of well-being interventions as an effective means of enhancing flourishing in individuals and organizations. Particular attention will be paid tomindfulness training, which with its emphasis on curiosity, awareness and kindness towards oneself and others, can be regarded as foundational to flourishing. 
> 19 November | University of Sydney – View event details.